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UPDATED: 25 February 2014 | 3:12 pm   ::  

Hoopla is all about fun things to do. We love our jobs and we love Eastern Iowa - 'nuff said! Have a question or comment? Here's how to reach us: or 319.398.5821

The Hoopla team

Carly Weber

Carly is the editor of Hoopla and The Gazette’s Living section. She tries to live what she preaches and likes exploring our community with her family.

Kelli Sutterman

Kelli is the digital editor for Hoopla. She likes good music, good food and good times in the Corridor.

Diana Nollen

Diana has been involved in the Eastern Iowa arts scene since 1982

Max Freund

Max frequently finds himself hanging with the Hoopla crew. He's always looking for an alternative way to cover events.

Laura Kaiden

Laura is a Cedar Rapids native who ate her way through Chicago and is now rediscovering her hometown one bite at a time.

Quinton McClain

Quinton is a brewer who has spent his life fermenting, growing, foraging, and sourcing food and drink. He's returned to Cedar Rapids to start a craft brewery.

Brian Tremml

Brian, a recent graduate of the University of Iowa, has a strong passion for the entertainment arts.

Deb Neyens

Deb's had an interest in the local music scene dating back to her days on the Linn-Mar marching band. She can often be found enjoying live music at area clubs and outdoor festivals.

Meryn Fluker

Meryn is a die-hard mid-westerner. When she's not busy watching reruns of "Saved by the Bell," she enjoys writing about pop culture.

Audrey Dwyer

Music lover, world traveler, always seen with a coffee in hand. Audrey likes to find uncanny stories often hidden from the mainstream.